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The Office of Educational Development was established to promote and support innovation, quality, and the highest standards of both the undergraduate and post graduate learning environments in coordination with administrators, faculty and students.


  • Develop a community of educators
  • Foster innovation and improvement of the learning environment
  • Enhance teaching and evaluation skills
  • Assist with curriculum review/development
  • Foster educational research
  • Enhance the reputation of OSU-CHS in the field of osteopathic medical education


The vision to support this mission will be accomplished through:

  • fostering a community exchange of ideas/information related to education and promoting collaboration among the diverse areas that make up the Center for Health Sciences
  • researching new technologies and increasing awareness and use of innovative technologies to improve the learning environment
  • developing programs to enhance teaching skills and encourage the use of creative teaching strategies in programs
  • developing and tailoring high quality faculty development programs to fit the diverse needs of the Center for Health Sciences for both current and future faculty
  • providing exceptional educational support services for faculty and administrators
  • promoting the translation of educational endeavors into scholarly activity and extending educational research skills
  • developing and implementing assessment strategies and tools to aid in curricular revision or improved educational outcomes
  • improving the testing services and course evaluation efforts that support the learning environment

Through this mission, alignment of instruction, learning, and assessment and reflection on past, present, and future educational endeavors, this Office will serve the administrator, faculty, and students and extend collaboration efforts to develop excellence in osteopathic medical education.


  1. Work closely with committees, task forces, and other support services that assess and cultivate the learning environment to build a community of shared resources and opportunities that enhance educational endeavors
  2. Support the Curriculum Committee in curricular assessment and revision efforts
  3. Develop a Faculty Development Task Force to oversee the faculty development efforts of the Office and develop strategies to increase faculty awareness and participation in programs
  4. Foster improvement, communication and cooperation of testing services and course evaluation methodologies
  5. Increase the evaluation of and promote educational endeavors as scholarly activity
  6. Create programs to enhance educational research skills
  7. Enhance the reputation of the Center for Health Sciences in the field of osteopathic medical education
  8. Provide quality service in a timely manner



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