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Policy Review Process Flow

  1. The policy owner (department or unit head) notifies the PC of a proposed new policy or substantive policy change by submitting it to the Policy Committee Chair . The item will be placed on the PC agenda and the policy owner will be invited to attend to answer questions.
  2. The proposed policy is reviewed by PC to determine if it meets criteria (a) through (f) below, and then acts:
    1. Does it require approval at the executive level?
    2. Is it a policy, not guidelines, or procedures?
    3. Have the appropriate stakeholders been consulted?
    4. Has it been reviewed by Legal Counsel?
    5. Does it conflict with existing policies?
    6. Designated editor checks history, content, organization.
  3. If changes are needed, the policy owner will be asked to consider the changes. If the changes are substantive and/or require additional review by Legal Counsel, the policy owner will complete that step and the original and red lined documents are transmitted, after approval of both the policy owner and Legal Counsel, to PC Chair.
  4. The PC reviews final draft and, upon approval, submits policy and recommendation to the CHS Executive Committee for action.
  5. Once policy is approved, it is posted on Sharepoint. Campus community is notified of policy adoption. Policy owner establishes procedures and implements the policy.
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